Beyond, pt. 2 (recreated)

from by Alexander Nakarada



I figured I had to remake this song. 3-4 years ago (long before I knew how to make metal) I made the original of this song. I were so happy with it, and it's a mixture of all the genres I love the most. It has elements of folk, classical, epic, viking and victory, but most of all, metal. If you don't like this piece, listen to it again.


from Origin, released July 16, 2017




Alexander Nakarada Norway

Yes, I'm a composer. It's more of a rediculous lifestyle than a job perhaps. But anyways, I enjoy it, and hopefully you enjoy the stuff I make! My vision is that people shouldn't limit themselves to genres. They should only limit their taste to music the DO like, and DON'T like. Hence the mixture of genres on my releases. All support is really, really much appreciated. ... more

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